For three years, I have photographed my neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. I do this on foot, with a wooden field camera, a vintage Schneider lens, and a black sweatshirt as my darkcloth. Like Atget and Sudek—whose bizarre, mysterious, lyrical works have always moved me—I find profound beauty and inspiration close to home.

I call this series Bed-Stuy Love Song. It is an open-ended work in progress. The series is an attempt to pay homage to, interact with, and understand my own neighborhood microcosm. It is an attempt to grasp a thread of history, and to discuss the social and political life of architecture and public space; to create a record of sorts, to Document. With it, I explore the relationship between time and space in the built environment, and (by nature and human interest) the city's infinite and unrelenting cycle of genesis, deterioration, destruction, and regeneration.

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